About HIADS and the Station Theatre

Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society (HIADS) are based at our very own 144 seater theatre - The Station Theatre, Hayling Island. After all the hard work of funding the building work and then equipping the theatre to very high standard, we now have both the luxury of being able to rehearse and build sets in a single building, and, of course, the responsibility to keep the theatre maintained and running smoothly.

We are volunteer run and it's down to our dedicated and enthusiastic members that we can continue to keep Hayling Island entertained with plays, pantos, films, music and other events.

New Members

As with all Amateur Dramatic groups, we are always looking for new members. Not only those that want to direct or act on stage, but also people to help build and paint sets and props, people to help with or learn about lighting and sound, and others to look after the box office, front of house and publicity. We are always keen to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be involved.  Full membership at £15 per year (and with absolutely no additional costs) means that being a member of HIADS is one of the cheapest hobbies you can have!

HIADS put on around 6 shows a year and also host other events by other amateur and professional groups. To see all the station theatre events please see the station theatre website.

Next Station Theatre Event

Station Theatre Events & Tickets

For more information on all the shows at the Station Theatre and for information on how to get tickets, please see the Station Theatre What's On Page.


HIADS are a long standing Amateur Dramatic Society based on Hayling Island in the south of England. We proudly boast that our theatre is arguably the best equipped and comfortable amateur theatre in Hampshire and along the south coast of England.

If you would like more information on history of HIADS and the Station Theatre, please look at the .

If you would like to get involved and become a member of HIADS please look at the for more details.

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HIADS are proud to be a member of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and also a visit to the station theatre for a show and a drink or two.

Readings and Castings

We are always happy to meet new people and welcome them into the fold. And what better way than to invite everyone to our readings and auditions (often called castings). It's a great way to meet the other members and have some fun going through an up and coming play. And it's quite common for new comers to get a part - if they want!

For details of casting and readings, please see our Next Auditions page.

Sounds of the Station Theatre, In memory of Derek Oakley

Many thanks to all our members who took the time and trouble to write entries to for our Writing Competition, and to those who performed and recorded them.
There were three poems, seven short stories and two short plays.

Members have voted on the entries and the winners are:

  • Short Story: "Candle in the Window" by Fiona Bartlett.
  • Poem : "Pussy Cat TK" by Mary Law.
  • Short Play: "What Day Is It?" by Debbie Porter.

Competition Entries

Audio versions of all the entries can be found on youtube via this link.

If you would prefer to read the entries, then they are listed here:

Short Stories



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