Nov 11, 2017

Casting: The Madness of George III

Come and get one of the many parts available in this superb play.

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Posted by: Brian



Reading 7.30pm Monday 27 November.

Audition 7.30pm Friday 1 December

Show dates 17th to 24th March

Directed by Vicky Fox


Setting 1788 - 1789



KING  50  George III, grandson of George II, shy and reserved nature,

QUEEN  Charlotte, age 44 German accent,  motherly

PRINCE OF WALES later George IV ‘Prinny’; self indulgent, age 24

DUKE OF YORK  Frederick, age 23 Posh

PITT  the Younger, aged 29  Tory PM (King’s party) Tall and thin reserved and aloof

DUNDAS  Pitt supporter, aged 45, and a refined Scot.  Lively and animated

THURLOW  Pitt supporter, Lord Chancellor age 57. Turned against Pitt 1792.  Foul-tongued and lazy

MARGARET NICHOLSON/ LADY PEMBROKE  Mature woman, double with maid. Busty

FOX  Whig leader chubby and dissolute aged 39  Foul mouthed and disgruntled

SHERIDAN  Richard Brinsley, supporter of Fox, playwright, aged 37.  Never quite one of the boys.              

BURKE  Edmund, supporter of Fox age 59  Double with Fortnun

FITZROY  Equerry (senior officer)  cosies up to Prinny and Whigs, aged 24. Young handsome and disdainful

GREVILLE  Equerry, loyal to king, aged 37  diarist

PAPANDIEK  Long serving page. The king’s barber.  Kindest to the king in his illness.

FORTNUM  Page.  Left to found Fortnum and Mason.  Double with Burke

BRAUN  Long serving page   Not kind to King

BAKER  Sir George,  the king’s physician, rather wavery and diffident age 66

WARREN Dr Richard, age 57, Prince of Wales’s physician

PEPYS Sir Lucas, age 46 physician, supporter of king

WILLIS Dr Francis, age 70 specialises in mental illness

SIR BOOTHBY SKRYMSHIR  country landowner, posh twit

RAMSDEN  vacant nephew  ditto

FOOTMAN = voice off

WILLIS’S SERVANTS  Other cast members wearing full masks