Feb 1, 2018

Reading: Being Of Sound Mind

Come and enjoy a read through of this play.

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Posted by: Brian


AUTHOR:  Andrew Hull

Show: 19th to 26th May
Reading: 23rd February 7.30pm
Casting: 5th March at 7.30pm

Characters 3 female / 4 male. 

Stephen Asquith: Tall athletic looking aged from 20 – 30’s – Brother of Penelope –flirty -  has a fancy for the maid Susan – likes a drink.

Penelope Asquith: Attractive sister of Stephen – sets her cap for Martin – flirty character – older than Stephen  (early 30’s)

Rebecca Lockhart:   Ex Actress – Well dressed –has the air of  a maiden aunt (in her 60’s) determined to find out what happened to her sister. 

James Brunt:  (somewhere in 30’s) – Solicitor – Formal with usual solicitor clothing.

Marshall:  Butler – aloof character every inch the butler type (aged 60’s).

Martin Bodmin:  a timid character (in his 30’s) – He has an investigative nature.  Penelope makes a play for him.

Susan:  Housemaid (in her 20’s – Stephen has a fancy for her) – a bit of a gawky looking person. 


Set in a country manor house the family have gathered for the reading of Edward Goodchild’s will. 

Synopsis:    Edward Goodchild has died and the will is read.  Stephen and Penny are hoping for cash.  Rebecca wants the truth about her sister’s (Edward Goodchild’s wife) death.  Martin is surprised to be there. 

Why does the will stipulate that they have to survive the night in the house to get the money (what is the matter with the house, who are going to survive the night – who will stay and who will leave, who/how many will get the money?