Mar 30, 2018

Reading: The Vicar of Dibley

Come and read through this hilarious play.

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Posted by: Brian

Reading is Monday 11th June @ 7.30
Casting is Monday 18th June @ 7.30

5 Male roles
3 Female roles

This iconic and brilliantly funny TV series has been cleverly adapted as a stage play with whit and humour throughout. Taken primarily from series 1 and 2 Ian Gower and Paul Mayhew-Archer have condensed some of the most popular sketches, from the Vicar's arrival and her refusal of Owen's marriage proposal to Hugo and Alice's wedding ceremony. 

The play features ALL of the original characters with their individual style and humour and a chance to shine.
There is:

  • Geraldine - the vicar of course with her ample bosom and bob hair cut
  • David - the chairman of everything Dibley
  • Hugo - David's Son with a dyeing passion for Alice
  • Alice - the Verger who has a naive fantasy outlook on life
  • Frank Pickles - who gets in pickles with his minutes
  • Owen - the local ruddy and rude farmer
  • Jim - who can't differ between yes and no
  • Mrs. Cropley - who knits and makes wonderful concoctions.

The action takes place over 22 scenes in 2 acts oscillating between the Parish hall and the Vicarage.