Jun 23, 2018

Reading: The Ghost Train

Come and read through this classic thriller.

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Posted by: Brian

The Ghost Train is a classic stage drama written by Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army) was first produced in 1925 and is very much set in that period.

Synopsis:  A very silly young man accidentally strands six passengers at a small railway station in Fal Vale, Cornwall.  Despite the psychotic stationmaster’s weird tales of a Ghost Train, they decide to stay the night in the waiting room.

Soon they regret this decision as ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions materialise, before the young man reveals the true reasons behind the night’s events….

Casting: 4 women, 8 men


Saul Hodgkin (stationmaster at Fal Vale Station) (Short bearded man, playing age 60+ dressed in worn and out of date uniform)

Richard Winthrop (Bad tempered looking young man of 28)

Elsie Winthrop (Richard’s Wife) (A sulky young woman of 25)

Charles Murdock (junior partner in Murdock & Son) (Good looking young man of 25)

Peggy Murdock (Charles’ newly married wife) (pretty young woman of 20)

Miss Bourne (an elderly lady)

Teddie Deakin (a dandified young man, playing age early 20’s)

Julia Price (a pretty woman of 25 dressed in a beautiful evening dress and wearing an opera cloak)
Herbert Price (an elderly clean-shaven man wearing evening dress suit)

John Sterling (a tall thin man, wearing evening dress suit, playing age 30+)

Jackson (Police constable, minor speaking part)

Smith (Police constable, non-speaking part)

Reading:  Friday 13th July 7.30pm
Casting:  Monday 23rd July 7.30pm

Show: 20th to 27th October.

Directed by Jason Christopher assisted by Tony Johnson.