Sep 11, 2017

Cinderella Casting

Come along and enjoy auditioning for a part.

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Posted by: Brian

Reading 2nd October, Casting 9th October – both from 7:30pm at the theatreOur next pantomime is one if the top five most performed, Cinderella, which sees virtue triumph over adversity – which is just a slightly different slant on  “good beating evil”.

We have our ethereal intervention from the Fairy Godmother (F) who, rather than talk in rhyme, raps her words! Our heroine, Cinderella (F) is beautiful, kind, caring and considerate but a very capable girl as well. This doyen of goodness is probably the reason that the last remaining household servant is still there; Buttons (M) is cheeky, chirpy, affable and secretly in love with Cinderella - we like him and not just because his last pay packet was in chocolate buttons! Head of the household is the scatty, merry Baron Hardup (M). He has taken a second wife Camilla (F), who thought she was marrying into wealth as well as a title but, finding it’s only the latter, she takes out her frustrations on poor Cinders. Camilla had also been married before and various folk tales describe her daughters as “beautiful but ugly of spirit”. This being pantomime, Grizzelda (M) and Berrina (M) turn out to be truly “ugly sisters”! Finally, we have a lovelorn character, Prince Charming (F) and his loyal equerry Dan Dini (F); both have been born into a world of wealth and privilege but, while Dan can run around having fun, poor old Charming has girls racing around after him desiring him for his title.

Those are the nine principal characters of this show, to be backed up by a chorus of eight who portray guests at the masked ball and also double up in their own little cameo moments as “visitors” to Hardup Hall, servants to Cinderella (which presents it’s own little twist) and a pair of duelling announcers.

As with all pantos, there’s some dancing and singing; Buttons, Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters need to be confident to put a number across – I’m not looking for “X Factor” standard, just confidence!

The production dates are 13th to 20th January 2018 with both Saturdays consisting of performances at 2:30pm and 6:30pm and midweek shows 7:30pm.

Show Dates: 13th to 20th January.  Saturdays 2:30pm and 6:30pm,  Weekdays 7:30pm.

Written and directed by Dafydd Modig.