Jun 22, 2018

Reading: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Come along and read our wonderful panto... and see which part(s) you might like!

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Show: 12th to 19th January

Reading Friday 14th September

Audition Friday 21st September


Written and Directed by Vicky Fox.

A long time ago, on an island not far away, there lived a happy community of rabbits, squirrels, foxes, mice, hens and other animals.  Everybody got on very well, even with the wealthy bears that lived in the big house.  As usual there was a troublemaker, but he never made much impression, that is until a cheeky girl came over from the mainland and refused to toe the line.

Then chaos ensued, magic spells gone wrong, porridge tampered with, and – worst of all - the disappearance of Baby Rabbit.  Who will solve that mystery?  And will they all live happily ever after?  Well of course they will – it is a pantomime after all.



Goldilocks – Young, feisty and ‘kick-ass’

Bunty Rabbit – Young, sweet and endearing 

Mrs Red Squirrel – any age, has a dry sense of humour

Mrs Wood Mouse – any age, tends to be gossipy

Mrs Rabbit – any age, has a large brood to contend with

Mrs Bear – any age, but very glamorous, strong Russian accent



Mrs Hen – big and bossy dame

Scumspawn – multiple personality, lots of posing

Mr Bear - to match Mrs Bear and vice versa – strong Russian accent

Ronnie Fox – bit of a villain, brother to Reggie

Mr Wood Mouse – small speaking part


Gender blind

Edward Bear  - posh and embarrassed by his parents

Reggie Fox – bit of a romantic, brother to Ronnie

Storyteller – older man or woman who narrates parts of the story



Rabbits, squirrels and mice of various ages

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