Nov 8, 2018

Reading: Kindertransport

A read through of this powerful play.

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Posted by: Brian

Read-through on 7:30pm 19th November
Audition 7:30pm on 26th November

Nazis in Germany in 1933, immediately set about suppressing the Jewish population. Jews were increasingly excluded
from public life and even their rights of citizenship were severely curtailed. In November 1938 it escalated when
thousands of Jewish businesses were destroyed. Fearing for their lives and those of their families, thousands of
Jewish parents sent their children out of Germany, a lot to Great Britain. Most of these children never saw their
parents or indeed Germany ever again and stayed to become fully anglicised. Although many grew up to become quite
successful, they struggled with a sense of loss of identity which affected their adult relationships with their
adoptive families and their own children.
Diane Samuels shows this in a serious and affecting play, through the eyes of 9 year old Eva, sent to England in 1939.
The young Eva gradually grows up and by age 17 has been all but fully integrated into British society. 40 or so years
later, we see her as an older woman, now calling herself Evelyn (45-50ish), herself now a mother of Faith(20’s) and
more a daughter to her adoptive mother Lil (80ish but also 40ish) than her real mother Helga (35ish and then 50ish),
left behind in war-torn Germany. The play interweaves between past and present, gradually revealing the fractures
left by Eva’s upbringing and with, at all times, everyone in thrall to the all-pervading darkness of the Ratcatcher.
There are no walk-on parts in this play which is also distinguished by a rare superabundance of female parts over
males, literally 5 to 1 and even the single male gets to play 5 cameos.

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