Jan 3, 2019

Casting: Relatively Speaking

Come and get a part in this great Aykbourn Farce.

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Posted by: Brian

Relatively Speaking

By Alan Aykbourn

Directed by Rob Finn

Set in the 60’s, before smart phones, smart cars and the web were ever heard of, RELATIVELY SPEAKING concerns two couples, one young and one middle-aged, each containing one unfaithful partner. In their small studio flat in London, Greg wants to marry Ginny, who has only recently broken off an affair with her much older boss, Philip. Ginny goes down to Philip’s country home to get back some love letters, after telling Greg that she is going to visit her parents. However, Greg secretly follows…

Alan Ayckbourn delivers one of his best, with wry observation of character, a typical “British” scenario where people put social graces and manners before any confrontation or public embarrassment.

Run: Sat 4th May to Sat 11th May

Reading: Monday 4th Feb, 7:30pm

Casting: Monday 11th Feb, 7:30pm

Cast: 2 males, 2 females.