Jan 30, 2019

Film Extras Needed for Sci-Fi Horror film...

Local studio needs extras 18th-24th Feb.

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Posted by: Brian

Film Extras Needed
Just had a message in:


My name is Bryony Morgan and I'm currently searching for extras to be involved in my newest short film shoot in February. I was wondering if anyone at HIADS (or any other actors at the theatre) would be interested in taking part. It's a short sci-fi horror and we are looking for people to play dead bodies on set.

We can cover travel expenses to the location - which will be around the Southampton/Portsmouth area. It will be a fun opportunity to for actors to come on set and see what it's like to be part of the film making team. Please let me know if anyone may be interested - and they can contact me directly! All people interested must be 18+.

We are shooting between 18th-24th February.

Bryony John Morgan

Casting Director
Ramp Studios