Jun 28, 2019

The end of Thursday Night Bar Nights

11th July will be the last bar night, simply because attendance has been pitiful.  But hey, why not come along to the last one....?

Category: General
Posted by: Brian

Unfortunately with attendance very low it has been decided that it is no longer reasonable to continue with the Thursday nights.

Many thanks to Simon and Toby who have done a brilliant job of opening the bar over the past few months, and many thanks to those who attended.

We all understand that people have commitments (and probably quite a few on Thursdays) but I've got to say I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that it feels like there ain't no "Society" in HIADS.

We're struggling to find volunteers for front of house, box office and bar, some committees are well under manned, there are many people who are doing too much without any help, and if a bus hit e'm we'd be struggling.  Also heard that Laura, who has done a brilliant job of running HIYA all on her own for so long, is stepping down (from HIYA) so unless someone steps up to the mark we may need to shut that down....

Well, the coffers are healthy and we sure can put on a good show... So perhaps it was just something in the air last night in the bar, but the four in attendance had to agree that it feels like if we can't inject some enthusiasm into the membership, then (in the immortal words from our next play)....  "We're doomed!"